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Assessment Only Route (AOR) Testimonial

Jun 28, 2017

Uteach Recruitment


Congratulations to Sarah Burbage, who completed the University of Sunderland PGCE International Qualification and has now accepted a teaching position in Hertfordshire with Uteach.

“I approached Uteach because of their professional and friendly approach. From the moment I got in contact with Katy, she was extremely helpful and supportive. I felt that she was very approachable and trustworthy. Since I have been working abroad for a number of years, I felt it was quite intimidating sourcing a job in the UK. Uteach put me right at ease and they were the most efficient agency with a sense of loyalty to customers.

Uteach helped me the most by always putting my best interests first, they were patient and understanding of my requests and needs. I sought a teaching position in order to complete the Assessment Only Route (AOR) through one of their schools and they fully supported me by placing me in a school that I could complete it. I found the experience quite satisfying and stress free since there was a strong sense of organisation and communication amongst staff.

I would recommend Uteach to anyone who needs help in getting the ideal teaching job or anyone who is looking to compete the AOR in a supportive environment.”



Teaching in the middle/far East gives you a different life experience, and the opportunity to earn more money than you can at home, so it’s worth considering. If however your ultimate aim is to get home to teach in Ireland, then you need a plan to maximise your chances of getting a teaching job in Ireland.

We would like to get a feel for the hopes and aspirations of Irish Teachers in this region, so if you could take a minute of your time to fill out this survey, with this we can offer you effective solutions. Thank you.