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UK schools seek skilled teachers from European for full-time teaching positions

Previously, teaching in England was not a realistic option for European teachers. A combination of different curriculums and any (even slight) language barrier meant that even a PhD qualified European teacher struggled to deliver lessons at the correct level for children in the English education system. If they were too advanced, pupils wouldn’t be able to keep up – if they weren’t advanced enough, pupils would get bored and learning outcomes wouldn’t be met. This resulted in unsatisfactory lessons and, more often than not, the end of a teacher’s assignment.

This has all changed with Uteach. We are a teacher placement and retention company and our aim is to train, place, and support European teachers looking to make a successful transition into a full-time teaching job in England. They then help that teacher obtain a job back in home, if that’s what the teacher wants.

Uteach have designed a comprehensive pre-placement training programme which is completed by the European teacher online before they move to the UK. This is consolidated with a residential one-week training course in London with other Uteachers immediately before they take up their teaching appointment. This ensures they are prepared for the different curriculum and various other aspects which are unique to English schools. Then, when the teacher starts in their school, they have access to subject-specific mentors throughout their assignment. Additionally, from September 2016, they will have access to Uteach’s library of lesson plans and resources to ensure they consistently deliver high quality, relevant lessons.

This means that the teachers hit the ground running, delivering exceptional lessons with confidence from the very start. As a result of this programme, Uteach has experienced increased demand for teachers from Europe from its partner schools in the UK.

Uteach’s revolutionary programme makes teaching in England an accessible and highly beneficial option for teachers from Europe – particularly those who plan to use teaching in the UK as a springboard to getting a job back home. In year one, Uteach supports its European teachers to ensure they are successful in the UK. In year two, they can join Uteach’s return path programme, which helps them get a job in Europe. Their English language skills will be greatly improved by their time in the UK and they will have gained great experience in great schools. Teachers can apply for jobs back home after they have taught in England and turn up for interview with access to this bank of high quality lesson plans.

Victor Lazaro Gimeno, A Science teacher from Valencia, said of Uteach’s training programme: “It is very, very good because I am learning a lot of new things. We are correcting and marking exams and learning about behaviour management techniques.”

On Uteach, he said: “They gave me a lot of materials and support so I felt very comfortable with them. You can ask them for help and support and they are there – always.”



  • INCREASED TAKE-HOME PAY giving you over €2,300 more in your pocket than you would receive from going directly with a school.
  • Support in obtaining A FUNDING PACKAGE of €1,060 for moving to England.
  • An INTEREST FREE LOAN of up to €645 to help you in week one before your first pay is received paid WEEKLY, PUTTING €1,560 in your bank account in the first 3 weeks working rather than nothing if paid monthly.


  • Provide FREE training which is invaluable to be successful at INTERVIEWS.
  • Provide FREE training to BE FULLY PREPARED TO TEACH ON DAY 1.
  • Provide FREE support from our SUBJECT SPECIFIC MENTORS throughout the engagement.
  • Provide FREE access to a bank of FIRST CLASS LESSON PLANS and resources to save you time preparing them.
  • Help you become part of a NETWORK of likeminded teachers.

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