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Importance of completing your NQT probationary year


John Gorman – Irish Head Teacher

“No graduate can apply for a permanent position until they have completed the satisfactory proof of qualifications for their subject or subjects that they will teach.  Also, in order to gain a permanent position they will need to have completed their NQT year which includes the 200 hours teaching plus the 100 hours of workshop equivalent, which can now be done during the Droichead scheme. 

The best available option for new teachers to do this would be through gaining full time employment and completing it in in one year.  The best option that allows them to do this and is directly transferable to the Irish system, is through teaching in great schools in the UK, in the coming year.  The experience abroad in terms of Dubai and the Middle East will allow teachers to have 200 hours, but will not satisfy the NQT status for full Teaching Council registration.

It is vitally important for Irish teachers to ensure they complete this within the 3 year period. My advice would be to complete it in their first year of graduation and this would be in a quality school in the UK.”