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Uteach and Hibernia College announce partnership

Kathleen Boswell, Managing Director of Uteach says “The goal of most teachers graduating from Hibernia College is to teach in Ireland.

However, many NQTs will not be successful as there is a shortage of suitable positions at home.

These teachers may have to consider teaching oversees to advance their career, as obtaining QTS and relevant teaching experience is key to securing a permanent post in Ireland.

Subbing or going to the Middle East won’t give QTS accreditation, great teaching experience or significantly help when applying for a full time teaching post in Ireland.

Conversely teaching in England with a plan to return home, does improve the possibility of getting a job at home, and staying a second year can improve the chances dramatically if teachers follow a structured return home plan, that ticks all the boxes from an Irish head teacher’s perspective.

To make an informed decision about their career development, teachers need expert advice and support concerning finances, logistics, transitional training and about how best to evaluate prospective school employers offering them teaching engagements in England.

Our new partnership with Hibernia will ensure that their teachers will have all the information they may require and the support that they need to help them make a successful transition to teaching in England.

Hibernia and Uteach share a common vision – to ensure that all new Irish teachers graduating from Hibernia ultimately end up teaching in a good school in Ireland. We believe that working together in a structured manner offers the best solution to achieve this mission.”

David Carpenter, CEO of Hibernia College and Kathleen Boswell MD of Uteach Recruitment 


David Carpenter, CEO of Hibernia College and Kathleen Boswell MD of Uteach Recruitment after signing the

partnership agreement at Hibernia’s Headquarters in Dublin

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