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Irish Teachers in the Middle East



Teaching in the middle/far East gives you a different life experience, and the opportunity to earn more money than you can at home, so it’s worth considering. If however your ultimate aim is to get home to teach in Ireland, then you need a plan to maximise your chances of getting a teaching job in Ireland.

We would like to get a feel for the hopes and aspirations of Irish Teachers in this region, so if you could take a minute of your time to fill out this survey, with this we can offer you effective solutions. Thank you.



Teaching internationally is a great opportunity to broaden your horizons but often teaching experience does not count towards your QTS requirement, so if anything takes you further away from a job in Ireland.

Teaching in the UK can ultimately be more beneficial to your career since hours taught in the UK will help you meet your QTS requirements. When you’re ready to come back, return via England with Uteach.



● Find you a great job, in a great school, in an area you want. We can often place friends together.

● Train you on the UK curriculum so you understand the differences in methodology from where you have came from.

● Give you every lesson you will teach, including homework exercises, to significantly reduce your workload. Spend more time teaching and living than preparing – a common issue with teachers coming to the UK.

● A Return Path to Ireland, including lesson resources, to allow you to stand out when interviewing for a job in Ireland.

● With frequent flights to Ireland available at low prices, you can book well in advance and visit home as often as you like.



● Matching you with a quality school in the UK.

● Interview preparation from qualified teachers to help you be successful at interviews with English schools.

● Free transitional training on the English curriculum – you will have access to our E- Learning Management System.

● Free top quality and up to date lessons for full academic year

● A dedicated subject specific mentor, lesson and teaching materials to support you in your first year and help save you a huge amount of planning time.

● Assistance with finding suitable accommodation near your English school.

● Ongoing training and support throughout the academic year.

● Once you have gained UK experience, we will enrol you in our Return Path Programme, where we will work with you to target key areas of development and give you the best opportunity to secure a teaching position in Ireland when you return.



Return to Ireland with a bank of high quality Ofsted approved Lesson Plans:

● As part of our programme to help teachers succeed in England, Uteach has a bank of Ofsted approved first class lesson plan structures and educational resources that Uteachers can access.

● With the Irish curriculum moving ever closer to the English curriculum, these resources are becoming more and more valuable to teachers in Ireland

● Uteach will enable you to walk into an interview in Ireland, with access to this bank of information. This will enable you to hit the ground running in the school, teaching excellent relevant lessons from day one

● This will be seen by the school as a huge advantage, and put you in a very advantageous position to win the vacancy at your Irish school


Subject Specific training from subject specialists:

  • New junior Cert implications
  • Key subject projects
  • Outline schemes of work
  • Key learning from recent inspections
  • Technology and your subject
  • Key teaching methods

Leaving Cert and Junior Cert key learning outcomes for your subject by subject and exam specialists:

  • Review of most recent state exam papers
  • Review of recent chief examiners’ reports
  • Key trends in recent years
  • Project best practice

New Junior Cert programme – an overview and key objectives:

  • Learning outcomes and timelines
  • Key projects
  • Assessment models
  • Exam overview

Online modules and Diploma in Special Education in collaboration with one of Ireland’s top universities:

  • Student profiling
  • Assessment practices
  • Key strategies for students with GLD and SLD
  • Understanding the key areas of difficulty
  • Effective technologies in SEN

Interview and CV best practice tips from leading Irish principals:

  • Your personal profile
  • How the marks are allocated
  • How to ensure you have best chance of being shortlisted for interview
  • The five sections of the interview and how to maximise your chances