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Platinum Programme For School Clusters


How Platinum Works

Economies of scale exist in dealing with clusters of schools compared with individual schools.

Uteach has mentors, training and provides teaching resources as do schools. To meet with the mentors of 20 schools is time consuming especially in London unless they are in a group where one meeting would suffice.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”
— Helen Keller

Uteach commitment to the Platinum Programme


  • Find teachers who are committed to teaching in England
  • Explain the benefits of joining the Uteach training/support programme
  • Present them to our schools with interview notes, video presentation and profile
  • Prepare them for interview

Once recruited by your schools

  • Train them online before they come to the UK
  • Complete their initial training at our residential training course
  • Assist them with their personal circumstances
  • Provide logistical support to help them move to England (accommodation, travel, bank account etc.)

Once they start

  • Uteach provide them with direct access to essential teaching resources such as lesson plans etc
  • Assign them to our Uteach mentors from the Bourne Trust who assist with any problems they encounter

School group commitment to the Platinum Programme


  • Agree to a small number of recruiters to recruit for multiple schools in the group which is more efficient, therefore making the process more effective.

Once Recruited the school must

  • Send to us, the timetable (or list of years they will be teaching)
  • Send any school or department handbooks including a behaviour policy
  • Send any confirmed pupil data
  • Copies of any schemes of work (or a list of topics, especially for first term)
  • Which syllabus and exam board they will be teaching
  • Any resources or planning materials which might help

Once they start

  • Allow the teachers to develop their skills before being tasked with more challenging timetables and classes
  • Notify Uteach early of any problems so we can provide more support
  • Make sure that the NQT programme is followed rigorously

One of the benefits Uteach wants to achieve is a more efficient process. Dealing with groups of schools instead of individual ones will achieve this.

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