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Teaching in England has the potential to pose real challenges to teachers who trained and qualified overseas – especially for young teachers who have recently graduated.

The school structure is very different in the UK and concepts like teaching assistants, Ofsted, and so on are unfamiliar to teachers from other countries.

It is necessary for teachers to gain an in-depth knowledge of the education system in England before they attend an interview. They must also be able to successfully plan and teach a lesson.

The Uteach Education team consists of experienced teachers (many of whom have held senior posts in UK schools), and it is their responsibility to prepare candidates for interview.

Online learning platform

The first stage of the Uteach Training Programme is designed to bridge the knowledge gap and provide overseas teachers with essential information on the UK system, including key aspects such as curriculum, teaching methods, and school procedures that they will encounter when they begin their teaching jobs in the UK.

Uteach has invested in developing our own custom online learning platform with targeted modules to help teachers learn about and understand the English system.

In addition, teachers are given access to a wealth of resources, videos, and links to give them further insight into life as a teacher in the UK.


One-on-one interview preparation

Another important area of training is preparing teachers for interview.

In addition to e-learning, teachers receive one-on-one training with a member of our Education Team, who will take them through a mock interview and develop their answers to ensure that they give their best possible representation of themselves at interview.

For teachers in Canada (who cannot interview face to face) and in European countries (where English is not the primary language), online video profiles are completed to give Head Teachers an idea of the candidates’ personalities and how well they may fit into schools.

If asked to attend a face to face interview, candidates will also be able to discuss the lesson plan in advance with our Education Team to receive feedback and guidance.


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