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Irish Return Path

Are you looking for a path into teaching in Ireland? Uteach can help!



The difficulty for Irish teachers who want to teach in Ireland is standing out from the crowd. A huge shortage of Irish teaching jobs has led to many people chasing every position. So how do you get noticed?

Uteach is unique from any other company in that it has specific programmes designed to help you get that elusive teaching job in Ireland.

Check out the options below:


How does it work?


  • Trains you to be a successful teacher in England
  • Supports you from beginning to end
  • Provides you with outstanding LESSONS, REVISION and HOMEWORK EXERCISES for the full school year!
  • Helps you get a teaching job back in Ireland

option 1

I am living and substitute teaching in Ireland but can't secure a full-time position.

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option 2

I am teaching in England but looking to return home to Ireland to find a full time teaching job.

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option 3

I am teaching outside of the UK/ Ireland but looking to move back to Ireland to find a teaching job.

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