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#MyUteachExperience-Geraldine Galligan

Sep 11, 2017

Uteach Recruitment

Congratulations to Geraldine Galligan in securing a full-time teaching position in an excellent school in London through our Assessment Only Route. We met Geraldine at the Middle East GAA / Abu Dhabi Na Fianna GAA Club Championship in March and we look forward to supporting her through her teaching journey in the UK.

Geraldine describes her Uteach experience below:

My experience with Uteach has been brilliant.

The first time I spoke with Uteach was at a GAA tournament in Abu Dhabi in March 2017. I had been working as a teacher there for the last 6 years and I decided that I wanted to complete my QTS and NQT in England. I had a chat with Packie Bonner and Patrick that day and they answered all my questions and gave me any information I needed. Since that day the ball got rolling!

I sent my CV to Uteach and from then on, Katy from Uteach was in contact with me all of the time. A skype interview for a school in London was set up and Uteach even organised prep for the interview and also a practice interview. I got a call the evening of the interview to confirm that I got the job. I was delighted. I’ve been really impressed with the service that Uteach provides. They make things easier for the move to London; providing documentation, help with accommodation and information webinars for the year ahead. To be honest I couldn’t have done it without them. Anything I needed, I just sent an email or Whatsapp and it was sorted. I am here 1 week now and everyone is lovely. The school is nice and the staff too. I know that Uteach will be there if I need advice. Uteach has definitely made this route easier and I would definitely recommend that you use their service.

Geraldine Galligan







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