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Our bespoke online training provides lesson plans & other educational resources to support our teachers before & during their teaching assignments.


Objectives of Pre Start Training

  • To understand the key elements of the UK education system, including safeguarding processes and school assessment
  • To understand how to create UK style lessons for your subject
  • To understand how to manage behaviour in the classroom

Course structure

Through our online platform, prospective teachers will have access to a comprehensive online course, designed by our mentors from the Bourne Education Trust, to prepare them for the differences that they will experience in the UK system. The course includes practical ideas for the classroom, supported by videos of outstanding teaching in practice.

Teachers will also have access to a range of webinar sessions, designed and delivered by our education team and BET mentors and, for Spanish teachers, language training sessions to prepare them to use their second language in the UK classroom. These sessions allow them to practice new skills and prepare them before they arrive at the Uteach Campus Academy.

Modules include: school structures and assessment, safeguarding, using differentiation in lesson planning, managing behaviour effectively and working with parents/carers.

Uteach charter helps to prepare the teacher

We believe that Uteach and our school partners are committed to our teachers having the best possible opportunity of being successful at their new teaching posts.

To this end, Uteach is committed to supporting the teachers by providing online training, face to face training, subject specific mentoring and relevant teaching materials and lessons throughout their engagement with Uteach.

Some key parts of the charter are as follows: –
  • Provide Uteach with a copy of the timetable for each Teacher issued as early a date as possible which will list the years they will be teaching to enable Uteach and the Teacher to prepare as much as possible for the first term before taking up their post.
  • Provide Uteach with any school and department handbooks, including a behaviour policy.
  • Provide Uteach with performance and tracking data on the classes that the person will be teaching to help planning differentiation / stretch and challenge, SEN etc.
  • Provide Uteach with copies of any schemes of work or a list of topics only for the first term.
  • Intimate to Uteach which syllabus and exam board the Teacher(s) will be teaching.

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