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Our fully staffed overseas office network is necessary to recruit teachers living in these countries.


It is not practical to resource teachers located overseas efficiently, with the time differences that exist in places such as Canada without having a physical presence in the country. Communicating every day with candidates and visiting universities throughout the country and the year is essential to sign up candidates.

Therefore, we believe that to recruit significant numbers of teachers from overseas it is essential to have “troops on the ground” and that’s why we have fully staffed offices in Toronto, Dublin, Scotland, mainland Europe and England.

We focus on forming strategic partnerships with key university contacts when sourcing teachers from overseas. These partnerships help us to find an excellent quality of candidate, normally getting first choice of potential graduates.

Strategic partnerships allow universities to actively promote our services to their students, giving Uteach an unrivalled position in finding the right people for your posts.

We cover travel and subsistence expenses to allow officers from overseas to visit our training schools in England. This lets them see first-hand the quality of service we provide and the benefits joining Uteach offers their students.

Universities in each country actively promote our training programmes to their students as they understand their importance in helping teachers transition successfully to teaching places in England.

And the teachers understand that we are offering them far more than just a job – it is a complete service to give them the best opportunity of making their teaching engagement successful.

Uteach screening days – allow selected schools attendance at screening days to interview Uteach candidates devoted solely to a limited number of schools or “cluster” of schools.

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