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Placement, training, and support for teachers seeking teaching jobs in the UK


Overseas teachers looking for teaching jobs in the UK require various types of support and transitional training in the UK curriculum to help make the move a successful one.

Schools are not always able to offer sufficient training and support for overseas teacher before they begin their positions. To bridge this gap, Uteach has developed a comprehensive, customised training and support programme which is offered to all of our Uteachers, free of charge.

This results in our teachers having the best possible opportunity to be happy and successful in their new UK teaching job.

We know that teachers require support from their schools and we agree terms and conditions with each school by asking them to adhere to the “Uteach School Charter,” thus helping to ensure that our teachers receive all of the assistance and resources they need in order to succeed.

Uteach strives to obtain timetables from schools at an early date to help each teacher prepare to “hit the ground running” on day one.

In addition, we supply subject-specific Uteach Mentors, online learning opportunities, and teaching resources such as lesson plans to help our teachers when they are actually teaching lessons at their schools.

If you are a teacher from Ireland, Canada, Europe or even further afield looking to find a teaching job in the UK, we can help you gain valuable teaching experience – we will provide you with everything you require to teach in the UK successfully and make the most of your time there.

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