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Spanish Teachers must have a C1 level of English, they cannot make any mistakes when teaching

Oct 10, 2017

Uteach Recruitment

“Teachers from Spain must have a C1 level of English, they cannot make any mistakes when teaching”


Uteach is a recruitment, training and placement agency which aims at relocating Spanish, Irish and Canadian teachers in schools located in the south-east of England.

Lorena Cortés, who is the Uteach Spanish coordinator, helps Spanish teachers with the recruitment process: “We employ Secondary and Primary Spanish teachers and we place them in English schools; we do not only look for Spanish teachers who are qualified to teach Spanish but also teachers qualified to teach other subjects”.

To be eligible for the vacancies, Secondary Spanish candidates must hold the appropriate pedagogical qualification as well as a B2 level of English whereas Primary teachers must hold a C1 level of English “Primary teachers will have to teach English to English students so they cannot make any grammatical mistake, pronunciation must be as much accurate as possible”.

Before the official interviews with the schools, candidates must get through a screening process to show that their level of English is suitable to teach in the UK. Contracts have a length of one academic year with the option staying after having completed the first teaching year with Uteach.

Lorena made this journey a few years ago, with Uteach “Everything is easier with Uteach especially throughout the first year of teaching. They help teachers before and throughout the placement. It is a guarantee to know that Uteach will be always there when needed”.

Lorena definitely encourages people to make the move “not only will help teachers to gain an invaluable experience but also it will open their mind”.


 Written by Óscar Mesa

El ideal de Almería newspaper

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