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Subject Mentors

Our subject specific teacher mentors help teachers during their assignments by providing lesson plans & constructive suggestions to deliver outstanding lessons.

Uteach continue to support their teachers while they are in the classroom, in partnership with our subject mentors from the Bourne Education Trust.

Every Uteacher is allocated an experienced teacher in their own subject who acts as a mentor for the duration of their placement.

Every mentor is a highly skilled and experienced teacher employed by the Bourne Education Trust dedicated to ensuring every teacher who signs up with Uteach is fully supported throughout their Uteach placement.

Our strategic training partnership with Academy Group The Bourne Education Trust means Uteachers have mentors that are approved by Alex Russell who is a National Leader of Education which guarantees their quality and provides our teachers with the best possible support to fulfil their potential.

The Bourne Education Trust have also provided Uteach with valuable teaching resources which the teachers can access through our modular e-learning platform which is being continuously updated to provide a valuable resource to them.

Uteach independently monitor all communications between the mentors and the teachers and we can confirm that the teachers use it extensively to obtain resources and feedback from the mentors.

Often the teachers will send their proposed lessons to the mentors who will then provide constructive feedback.

An actual reply from our IT mentor to an actual teacher’s question is as follows: –


Thanks for sending this through. It looks great! I think the level is pitched well. I like the idea about them thinking about how to devise their program too!

Things maybe to consider:

– What are your lesson objectives? These are not clear on the first slide and really need to be obvious and referred to constantly so they are in the students’ minds. I would have one slide dedicated to this after the warm up activity. This is the most important part of your lesson

– What are the students doing as soon as they enter the room? If it is log onto kahoot (great piece of software, the students love it) have that on the first slide. Only thing I would think about this is how long it takes students to complete. Maybe have something else which is quick and obvious which students could spend 3 minutes on or 30 seconds dependent on when they enter the room.

– Are students happy with what program parts means? It might be useful to have a definition on the board as a reminder even if they have done a similar task before. If they struggle maybe be prepared to do the first one together? This could be a differentiated task with a help sheet to aid those who might not remember it? Could you extend their learning by getting some students to complete a flow chart?

– The time management of this lesson – there is quite a lot of content to cover. Have a think about how long you might want to spend on kahoot and each following tasks to ensure you get through the content in the lesson.

It’s a great start though!!

Anything I can help you with please just get in touch.

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