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Teach in Scotland

Sep 27, 2018

Uteach Recruitment

We are currently recruiting for teaching positions in the North East of Scotland, with an immediate or January start.


Vacancies available:

1 x Maths
4 x English
2 x MFL – Fr/Ger, Fr/Span. They would also consider Mandarin
1 x Modern Studies (Politics)
2 x Biology
1 x Business
1 x Religious and Moral Education
2 x Art


  • Relocation packages are available with these posts starting at £5,000.
  • Teacher salaries in Scotland start at £22,866 (Probationer) – £36,480.
  • Rented accommodation in the area is cheap with a 1 bed flat costing around £450 pm and a 3 bedroom for £700 pm.

Primary Teachers must have a minimum C1/ C2 level of English
Secondary Teachers must have minimum B2 level of English

Uteach will support you every step of the way, but don’t forget that with us you will also receive free lessons for the full school year, specific to your teaching subject. All teaching resources are quality assured, curriculum aligned and we guarantee to save you around 20 hours of lesson planning a week with our lessons. Experience our lessons now for 7 days!


Please select the main subject that you are qualified to teach.