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The advantages of joining platinum


Priority at accessing candidates

We will take representatives of the group overseas to interview candidates which is not economical for individual schools.

This gives a competitive advantage to our Platinum Partner.

  • The normal procedure is to arrange a face to face interview at the school. However, for certain clients who have numerous vacancies to be filled, we can arrange an interview day where the organization is able to interview multiple candidates who meet the vacancy criteria. These applicants will have been pre-screened by our Resourcing Team
  • Schools will receive all CVs before travelling. These events are very selective in terms of which clients attend; the maximum number is usually five schools, totalling an average of 25 vacancies. However, if you as an organization had 25 vacancies or more, we would schedule a screening day solely for your schools. If you were at either type of screening day the candidates who fit the criteria of the vacancies advertised for that day would be given the job vacancies for each of the represented schools. As with the normal process they would then select a maximum of three schools to be submitted to. Screening days are a highly effective way to meet large fields of candidates. Very often we can resource up to 30 candidates in one day for a group of schools to interview.
  • The school chosen by the candidates would then receive their CVs to review just as they would in the normal process. The applicants that the school are interested in will then be interviewed at the screening day
  • Schools, whether there as individual entities or part of a group, would make a provisional offer for their successful applicants by the day after the interview. This would then be put forward to the successful candidate, with his/her subsequent choice then communicated to the school or schools which made the offer. I have attached the criteria for our next screening day so that you can see the general operating procedures for the day

Price reductions related to volume of placements made

If the cluster of school places a significant volume of teachers, then at the end of each school year a calculation is made and discount is rebated to the schools

More efficient support to the teachers

Attending meetings with multiple schools with our mentors and sharing resources and working together will develop a more efficient service.

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