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Uteach Testimonial for Schools and Teachers

May 23, 2018

Uteach Recruitment

Charlie Guthrie, Head Teacher of Wilmington Grammar School for Boys, has provided us with some excellent feedback on the services Uteach provide. It is always a pleasure to work alongside you Charlie, and we look forward to working with you again in the future.

“I have worked with Uteach at both Wilmington Grammar School for Boys and my previous comprehensive school, and as a result we have successfully recruited and retained teachers from both Ireland and Spain. Recently Uteach have introduced their bank of lesson resources to their Uteachers. From what I’ve seen these could be very helpful for new teachers, especially for those from overseas who have the subject knowledge but not the curriculum knowledge. From September 2018 Uteach are providing these resources to all their teachers. The lesson planning process will allow teachers to quickly get up to speed with the demands of our curriculum. In particular they provide content, structure and an opportunity to learn how to deliver the kind of activities that are common in our schools which reduces workload and allows them to focus on developing positive working relationships with their classes.   The ongoing support offered by the team at Uteach ensures that the transition to England is smooth and the teachers can thrive in our school.