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Our Teacher Recruitment Core Values

Uteach is committed to delivering an outstanding service to teachers and schools

teacher recruitment core valus

The following values are at the heart of everything we do for both our teachers and schools.

Think Different

Uteach don’t believe in following the crowd. This is demonstrated by the Uteach Academy and our one-of-a-kind teacher training and placement programs which we run in conjunction with leading universities and schools. These bespoke solutions allow us to deliver an outstanding service to our teachers and schools.

Source Great Teachers, Wherever They Are

Schools in the UK need great teachers from overseas and we are committed to expanding our horizons “to infinity and beyond.”

Provide Outstanding Service

We are committed to delivering an outstanding service to both our teachers and schools. Our commitment does not end the day a teacher begins a post – our support continues both in person and online with our training, resources and personal support services, long after teachers have made the move to the UK.

Excellent Business Ethics

We maintain a very high standard of business ethics and believe that we have a duty of care to our teachers. We treat our schools, teachers and employees with the respect and kindness that they deserve.

Exceptional Systems and Practices

We are dedicated to developing and implementing great systems, processes and management practices. We believe that best practice dictates investment in our continuous improvement plan in everything that we do to enable us to give our teachers and schools the most efficient and effective service possible.

Motivate and Empower Employees

Each member of the Uteach team has something different to offer and this – combined with a passion and enthusiasm for what we do – is what makes us an excellent team. We encourage creativity, welcome new ideas and promote a positive, energetic working culture in which employees feel valued, respected and, above all, happy.  

Understanding Our Vision

We have a clear vision of how to place great teachers that are extremely well-prepared for the UK teaching system in our schools. All actions we take are to ensure that this vision is complied with and realised.

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