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Join us and take the first step towards securing a qualified teacher

Unlike other recruitment agencies, we go above and beyond to ensure teachers are better prepared for beginning their new job in the UK. We provide training accredited by top head teachers in England and support them throughout their teaching journey.

Uteach offers a unique opportunity to your school to advertise your vacancies direct to over 11,000 QUALIFED teachers currently looking for work.

Advertising your vacancies are FREE OF CHARGE, and posting them is very is simple – just complete the Post Your School Vacancy form.

Our team will match up candidates for your posts, then one of our dedicated School Account Managers will contact you to talk.

What makes our teachers different?

The work our team, including our training arm Uteach+, put into the teachers before and after they begin their contract with you:

PREPARATION Before coming to England all our teachers are given extensive preparation on how schools in the UK work. This will include the staff handbook, marking policies etc, for the school they will begin their contract in.

TRAINING All candidates receive online training before arriving in the UK. Topics covered include behaviour management, data gathering on pupils, delivering an outstanding lesson, expectations of headteachers. European teachers receive an additional 45 hour training programme on Teaching in English and Behaviour Management in the classroom.

SUPPORT At Uteach, we consider a successful placement to be one which lasts 2+ years. Our School Account Managers and Uteach+ support the schools and teachers throughout the contract.

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