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Advantages to Teachers

Uteach provides all teachers with our Uteach Lessons. Lessons and resources which are…

-In series for the full academic year
-Aligned with the UK and Irish curriculum aligned
-Created in partnership with The Bourne Education Trust (BET)
-Quality assured – created by a national leader of education, Alex Russell, CEO of BET.

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Also with Uteach…

  • Opportunity to be OFFERED a full time teaching position.
  • The service is FREE.
  • Uteach highly trained staff, prepare you for the interviews to make sure that you are extremely prepared for your forthcoming interviews.
  • Relocation packages available.
  • Attending our event and BEING INTERVIEWED BY SEVERAL HEAD TEACHERS, from quality schools, in England, is a fantastic opportunity to secure a great teaching post and to FIND OUT ALL THE RELEVANT INFORMATION that you require to make an informed choice about the next step in your teaching career.



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