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The scales are based on teaching experience. Most newly qualified teachers will start out on the M1 scale and will move up one place each September as they gain more teaching experience. Please contact the team at Uteach for more information.

No. Uteach do not take any form of payment from our teachers.

Uteach outsource much of the management of our payroll services to a company called Clarity. Clarity is a trading name of The Houston Partnership, Chartered Accountants, and is engaged by Uteach to provide all payroll management services associated with the employment of teachers on on fixed-term contracts in schools throughout the UK. Clarity is completely independent of Uteach Limited and is wholly owned by The Houston Partnership, Chartered Accountants, based in Glasgow, Scotland. However, if any of our teachers encounter issues regarding payment, we encourage them to contact the Uteach team so we can work with Clarity to resolve the issues quickly.

In order to ensure that our teachers receive full holiday pay, the team at Clarity hold an amount of the teacher’s pay each week. This money is accumulated into a holiday pay fund and is paid out weekly to the teacher over the holiday period. The amount held is based on the length of a standard school term and pre-publicised holiday dates. It assumes that a teacher will work the full term from the beginning of September until late July. Any variation (early termination, sick days, additional holiday days) dilutes the holiday pay so it is important that the teacher notifies us as soon as possible so that adjustments can be made. Please contact the team at Uteach for more information.

You must, immediately on arrival in the UK, apply for a UK National Insurance number. To apply please phone the telephone Jobcentre Plus on Tel +44 (0) 845 600 0643. Lines are open 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday and are normally less busy before 9.00 am. You will need to attend an interview on your arrival in the UK to complete the process. Full information can be found at You cannot legally work in the UK without a National Insurance number.

Your bank account information must be provided to Clarity, and should be sent to Lauren Prescott on Please be sure to include the bank name, the Sort Code (a six digit number usually in the format xx-xx-xx) and the bank account number (an eight digit number).

When you start your assignment at the school you will become aware of the relevant department head or head teacher who is authorised to sign your timesheet. If there is any doubt about this you should ask Liz Hunter who is contactable on or telephone +44 1236 442 388. Liz will then find out the name of the person responsible for authorising your timesheet.

Your timesheet can be submitted electronically via our online timesheet system, access to which shall be provided on commencement of your assignment.

We are automatically notified by the online system when your timesheet has been received. If it has not been recorded in the system you will receive an automated email on the Tuesday following the Friday worked, after which you will be contacted by Clarity and then UTeach to establish the reason for the non-receipt of the timesheet.

Within the login screen there is a “reset password” button. When you select this, it will ask for your email address and a new password. Once submitted you will receive an email confirming the password has been reset.

Whether or not you are entitled to payment for extra duties depends on whether the school are willing to pay for these events. Often, holiday revision sessions are paid but parents’ evenings are not, but again, it’s school dependent. If the school asks you to perform additional duties you should annotate on the timesheet any additional duties carried out and we shall verify with the school whether any additional payment has been agreed and the relevant rate.

In general, the answer is no. The deadline for submitting deadlines is set in order for money to reach your account in time. We tend to be more flexible in the first few weeks of the school year, but apart from that, we will only accept late timesheets in certifiably exceptional circumstances.

No you do not need to complete a timesheet during school holidays. For standard holidays (Christmas, Easter etc) your timesheet will automatically be removed from the system and will not be available for completion. For non-standard holidays (e.g. additional holidays peculiar to your school) you should contact Frances Seaton ( and she shall ensure that account is taken of the relevant holiday in your pay calculation.

You will find that your salary is subject to deduction for personal income tax and also for National Insurance (also known in other jurisdictions as as social security, social pension or prsi). Income tax (or PAYE) is calculated at the rate of 20% on salaries of above £211.53 per week. NI is calculated at the rate of 12% on salaries above £155 per week. NI cannot be reclaimed when you leave the UK but Income Tax can be (if you comply with certain conditions).

If you have worked in the UK between 5th April in the year you start your assignment, and the date of commencement of your assignment, then you will almost certainly have already paid tax in the UK< and therefore it is likely that on your UTeach assignment you will start paying tax straight away. However if your UTeach assignment is your first UK employment, you will benefit from a tax-free period in the UK which will usually last through to early December.

There is no provision in the arrangement for payment for sick days. Over the period of assignment, you are entitled to your day rate multiplied by the number of days worked. For sick days, you are entitled to be paid “Statutory Sick Pay” only as legislated by the UK government. This currently amounts to £17.69 per day, payable from day 4 of any certified sickness period for a maximum of 28 weeks.

All ‘first world’ countries have cross border ‘Double Tax Treaties’ which in general mean that no individual should be subject to taxation on the same income in two jurisdictions. If you have any particular questions on this matter our payroll support company Clarity have expertise in this area and you should contact David Houston on

If you leave the UK part way through a tax year (6th April to 5th April), and are prepared to declare to the UK tax authorities that you have no intention of returning to the UK, then it is almost certain that you will be able to claim a refund of tax deducted at source. This will be processed on your behalf by Clarity on termination of your employment, and you should contact Frances Seaton on

A P60 is an end of tax year statement of income earned from UTeach and tax deducted by UTeach during the course of each UK tax year (6th April to 5th April). Each employer is obliged by law to provide each employee with a P60, and it can prove quite useful if, for example, you need to prove your UK income to an overseas tax authority, or if you wish to borrow money in the UK.

Yes you will. You will receive each month a statement showing the current balance on your holiday pay accrual, and any credit remaining will be paid with your final salary.

Frances Seaton handles the general management of payroll issues arising from your employment with Uteach. Her email is

Lauren Prescott is responsible for coordinating timesheet submission, following up on delayed timesheets and calculating and processing your payment. Lauren’s email is

Angela Keay, Customer Service, is your first point of contact should you have any concerns or issues about any part of the payroll calculation, deductions, delays or any other issues. Angela’s email is

Should any administrative issues arise please contact Liz Hunter at UTeach on

The scales are based on teaching experience. Most newly qualified teachers will start out on the M1 scale and will move up one place each September as they gain more teaching experience. Please contact the team at Uteach for more information.

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