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Introduction to teachers who are looking to teach in the UK


Teaching in England can be a great move for teachers to develop their careers however you should be made aware of the various factors to consider as a consequence of teaching in a completely new curriculum in a foreign country before starting your new teaching post.

Choosing the right school, learning a new curriculum, resourcing valuable teaching resources and lesson plans, and understanding teaching practices are key factors to consider before that all important first day at school.

Accommodation has to be found, finances managed and a host of other matters to be dealt with and we consider all of these issues and many more and how Uteach helps the teachers to have a rewarding experience teaching during their stay in England.

Uteach can help schools solve teacher shortages


Resourcing teachers from overseas is a great option for many schools in England that are affected by teacher shortages. Retention of the new recruits is essential to make the teacher placement a win win situation.

However, teachers recruited from overseas may have great subject knowledge but require relevant transitional training before attending interviews or commencing teaching at the schools and logistical support and help to manage their finances before they start actually teaching. Uteach help to bridge the gap by providing the necessary training and support that the teachers require.

Our “Platinum” recruitment programme for “clusters” of schools and our “Gold” programme for individual schools are solutions to resolve your teacher shortages.



Words from our Teachers

Teachers are doing so well!

The teachers who have been placed through Uteach are doing so well. We have one on a permanent contract, another who is staying on next year as well as another two who are amazing and have just won our staff masterchef!

Ash Manor School , Various Locations

"Uteach were very good and organised when I was with them.

They organised my interview at a recruitment day in Ireland and rang me the day after to tell me I had interview offers at three schools and I had a choice of which school I wanted to go to."

Olivia Giltenane , Business Studies from Ireland

"I would highly recommend Uteach.

They made the moving process so easy on me and supported me both before, during and after the process. They have great events to introduce you to other teachers from Canada and walk you through every step of the somewhat scary process."

Jessica Calder , Teacher of Mathematics from Canada

"Working with Uteach has been such an amazing experience so far!

Everyone involved have been unbelievably friendly, accommodating, encouraging, and caring every step of the way! "

Ashley Schindelheim , Teacher of Drama and Geography from Canada