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School Experience 2017 – Live Update

Jul 19, 2017

Uteach Recruitment

School Experience – LIVE UPDATE

Our Uteachers are having a fantastic week visiting their new school and receiving training before starting in September. It’s always nice to hear how our Uteachers are getting on:

“Hi Matthew,

Our time in the school is going great and we are learning a lot to be prepared for September. We have been taking a course about Challenge & Engagement, Starters & Plenaries, Assessment, Questioning, Differentiation, etc.

We have an idea of how the school works and how our work will be, we have been introduced to the school staff and to the members of our own departments, we have been observing lessons from different teachers and differents years and sets, and we have even had to plan some lessons and teaching…

Kind Regards,

Jorge Maldonado Tuduri”

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