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Testimonial from Fiona J Benson of McGill University who attended campus academy in 2015.

What sets Uteach apart from other organisations

As a teacher educator who works closely with the practical component of our Teacher Preparation Program (Faculty of Education, McGill University) I see first-hand the positive effect a plan of professional mentoring exerts on the early practice, wellbeing and career satisfaction of novice teachers. The mentoring support provided by Uteach, in which I was fortunate to participate alongside a cohort of newly hired teachers from Ireland, Spain and Canada, sets Uteach apart from other organisations that hire teachers from abroad for jobs in English schools.

The full week of mentoring support that Uteach offers addresses, in concrete and practical ways, key notions of what constitutes effective praxis and exemplary professionalism expected of teachers in the context of English curriculum and school life and culture. I came away from my week with Uteach impressed with what I had observed and by the calibre and dedication of the facilitators conducting the intensive preparatory mentoring.

In addition to this initiative, Uteach offers ongoing mentoring to novice teachers once they embark on their teaching contracts. The close links that Uteach maintains with school principals of the schools where they place teachers speaks to their ongoing commitment to professional excellence and collaboration towards that goal.

Effective early career mentoring is not the purview of any single entity rather, it is the combined efforts and expertise of all those involved in stewarding these eager new teachers – who have much to offer the profession – and to the pupils for whom we all enact this work. Uteach understands and contextualizes this complex and ever-evolving work of early-career mentoring with insight, skill and sensitivity.

Fiona J Benson McGill

Fiona J Benson, Ph.D. Associate Professor, Department of Integrated Studies in Education Director, Internships and Student Affairs Office, Undergraduate & Graduate Programs Associate Director, MA in Teaching & Learning Faculty Disciplinary Officer, Undergraduate Programs

McGill is ranked the top Canadian University and 38th in the world by The Times Higher Education

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